Anais Fuente

Professional pianist / from Spain / loves dancing / loves animals / is very happy when she is in nature




Anais began her Ashtanga yoga practice in Maastricht, where she practiced under the gaze of Eloisa Fernandez Iskandar (KPJAYI level 2).

Since she began her Ashtanga path, she has attended workshops and intesive weeks with teachers who have inspired her a lot, such as Tiago Doria, Laruga Glaser, Eloisa Fernandez and Petri Raisanen.

Eloisa trusted Anais to take over the mysore group in Yogaplace (Maastricht) when she went to one of her trips to India. From that moment, she was fascinated by the relationship that is created between practitioner and assistant. This is why she wants to continue creating this link with people who practice yoga.

In the shala, Anais likes to help the practitioner to achieve 'relaxation' in the posture through gentle breathing. She really enjoys accompanying the process (not just the physical one) in people who follow a daily practice.

She is interested in everything related to physical and mental health, such as nutrition, meditation and mindfulness.