sat inder s. khalsa (KPJAYI authorized level I)
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26.08. - 05.10.19 (primary & intermediate series)

Monday - Friday  06:30 - 09:30
Saturday  09:00 - 11:00

07.09. & 08.09.19




Sat Inder comes directly from Mysore where he's been living currently. He studies with Sharath R. Jois regularly and also assisted him.

Sat Inder is deeply devoted to Yoga in all aspects. So let him inspire you and study with him on all levels of your Yoga path.
Get the Mysore feeling within your daily life and develop a deeper understanding of your inner self.


26.08. - 05.10.19
(primary & intermediate series)

Monday - Friday 06:30 - 09:30
Saturday 09:00 - 11:00


  - Flat complete time: 180 €
  - Flat 1 week: 85 €
  - 10-class-card: 165 €
  - Drop in: 25 €
  (no extra costs for SantoshaYoga students)

Trial lessions und 4-credits try-out-cards are not valid for the Mysore morning classes during this time.

On the Moondays 30.08., 14.09. and 28.09. we take rest and the Mysore morning class will not take place.

> ASHTANGA YOGA WORKSHOP | 07.09. & 08.09.19

Saturday 07.09.

  09:00 - 11:00  Mysore


  13:00 - 16:00 BEND YOUR BACK
Students often complain that there are no backbends in primary series until Urdhva Dhanurasana. Reallly? There are over 50 in each upward facing dog in the vinyasas between postures if you utilize them correctly. Come learn how to apply your bandhas and use your arms and legs properly to make the most of each backbend and develop ease and grace for the more difficult ones.
Keep your spine bendy!

Sunday 08.09.

  09:00 - 11:00  Led class full primary
The proper use of bandhas, drishti, breathing and whatever else you need to work on during your practice will be the main focus in this led class. Come learn how to improve your primary series.

  13:00 - 16:00  TRANSITIONS
What we call vinyasa between each posture can be used better by each of us. Learn techniques to lift up and jump back, to jump forward and through. To flow from one posture to the next with control and ease. Make transitions in your practice work better for you and use that to make the transitions in your life have more ease and flow as well!


  - Full workshop Saturday + Sunday - 4 classes: 120 €
  - 1 day workshop Saturday or Sunday - 2 classes: 60 €
  (20% discount for SantoshaYoga students with 6-/9-/12-month flat)

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Learn more about Sat Inder:

Sat Inder first read about Yoga in "Out On A Limb" by Shirley MacLaine in the 80's but didn't find his way to an actual class until the year 2000 just before he turned 30, but mostly practiced at home with the aid of David Swenson's manual on Ashtanga Yoga.
Within 5 months he went to practice with Pattabhi Jois in Boulder, CO and then again in Maui in 2002, where he stayed and studied extensively with Nancy Gilgoff.
By 2008 he was working on Advanced A series of Ashtanga before leaving the practice for almost 4 years out of frustration. During his time away he became certified in Kundalini Yoga and studied Anusara Yoga as well, but in late 2011/early 2012 found his way back to Ashtanga.
Realising he needed more input from a teacher he did stints with Kino MacGregor, Mark Robberds, and finally in early 2014 found his way to Mysore in India to study with Sharath R. Jois. Over the course of 4 trips he became authorized to teach the practice by Sharath and on his next trip assisted him in the Mysore room.
Currently he's been living in Mysore, traveling around India and teaching mostly in Germany since 2016. He is soon returning to the US to begin teaching a program in Tuscon.

Get inspired by Sat Inder:

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